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Forced Bisexuality Through Blackmail

If anyone would like a cocksucker, gloryhole, asslicker, toilet or limp, soggy fuckstick(sorry it doesn't work that well), please contact my owner, Lady Diva Cane to arrange the most degrading use of my holes. Don't worry that I am married and totally straight. I'm going to suck cock until I love it and beg for more, even if it takes hundreds. If I can't make you cum with my mouth, you can have my virgin ass.
The photo above will be replaced with my driver's license until I perform whatever task my goddess expects of me. If you find yourself wishing you were me, instead of just laughing at my misery, why not give me a break and beg Ms. Diva to abuse you on webcam?

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Rover's Face Fucking


Lucky for Rover, someone managed to get an erection in spite of his hideous looking face fuck hole.

The Face Fuck Gag

Rover's new gag isn't a nice tight snatch, but rather a loose, gaping hole that even an old limp dick can slide into and fuck his annoying mouth.  No cock should be left out and now it doesn't have to be.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Inverted Face Fucking

Rover does well to amuse me so I don't get bored and blog about his various infidelities.  It seems that Rover can hang like this for quite a long time before the blood rushes to his brain.  Perhaps, lack of use is they key?

Friday, September 6, 2013

Pillow Talk with Rover

The next segment of Rover's blog will be where I share all of Rover's dirty little secrets, like the married woman he was fucking behind his wife's back.  Rover has been a very bad dog but it's time to come clean about everything.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Rover's has a Conscience now???

Rover said he felt guilty for lying about wetting his pants, even though his wife and I caught him in more lies than we can count.  Since Rover is such a stand up guy, I have solved his moral dilemma.  Today he will put on a diaper and wet himself before he calls and tells his new friend how it feels.  After that, we might go shopping or for dinner so he can marinade in it.  Also, since Rover has to be a gay baby or a "gayby", he must go buy a penis shaped soother for his diaper time.  His new baby friend will likely want to hang out all the time now, so Rover will have to sit in a wet diaper for all his play dates.  Rover won't have to lie about how it feels ever again.

The Next Chapter - Rover Gets Pampered

I am unpredictable sometimes, it's true.  Rover misses how I abused him, but what fun is giving him what he wants?  You see, I have an adult baby diaper boy who has wanted to have another diaper boy to sit around and talk with him about diapers, bed wetting and peeing their pants, but no one was really interested.  Then I had a humiliation brain orgasm.  Rover would put on a diaper, look a total stranger in the eye and say that he wets the bed, pisses his pants and wears a diaper everyday to bed and work. He would spend an entire hour, in a diaper, talking about his "piddling problem" in detail and with a straight face. When I walked in the bathroom and saw Rover in his little outfit, I laughed so hard that it almost brought me to tears.  I think I almost peed my own pants. Diaper boy was very happy and Rover made a new friend.  To be continued...
im sitting in the room with another diaper boy who is in diapers all the time so Ms Diva decided to entertain herself yet again with me , this time being something i did not expect i was put into a diaper a bib and a soother fuck me was it humiliating , i sat awaiting her to bring me to the room upon seeing me she laughed uncontrolably just then it struck me at how sad and pathetic i must of looked , then it only got worse from there i was told i had to sit in the room with another like this and act as though im a permanant diaper boy ashamed of my problem and very few know i couldnt even hold me head up to look around my mind focused on twiddling with a soother in my hands sweating at how dumb i realized i looked and worse that i had to talk about my new found problem as if it was my day to day life i dont know what or why this came to her mind but i cannot believe how totally retarded i looked and felt even worse especially hearing her truely giggle at me ... im not sure how low or pathetic i can or maybe taken with Ms Diva and it scares me

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Rover finally gets to spit it out.

Rover gets to spit the cum out only to have to lick it up off her boot and suck up any spills off the carpet.